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Barefoot Shoes

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Did you know that choosing the wrong shoes can have long-term health consequences?

Wearing shoes with a flat sole may seem comfortable, but they don’t support the natural anatomy of our bodies. It’s no wonder that improper footwear can lead to issues like poor posture, foot, joint, and back pain.

That’s why Qooney Mountain Step Barefoot Shoes are the choice for experiencing the most natural form of walking and running. By adapting to nature, you can unlock the benefits for your physical and mental well-being!

Alleviate pain & prevent further damage

Nearly 70% of people suffer from foot, knee, joint, or back pain.

Often caused by conventional shoes like sneakers or boots that are uncomfortable, squeeze the toes, and have thick, rigid soles. Our barefoot shoes offer a solution. By promoting a natural foot strike and gait, they reduce joint impact and improve alignment.

Durable, lightweight & flexible

Experience the freedom your toes crave with our wide toebox design.Our barefoot shoes give your toes the space they need to move naturally, providing unmatched comfort.
The 4mm sole offers aunique connection with nature, giving you the sensation of walking barefoot while still ensuring the utmost protection

Perfect for all kinds of activities

Whether you’re running, jogging,engaging in fitness training,walking, hiking, practicing yoga or Pilates,participating in water sports,or simply going about your everyday routine, our barefoot shoes are the ideal companion. With their flexible and lightweight design, they offer the balance of protection and natural movement for every activity on your list.

Designed with the help of experts

With the help of orthopedists, our team developed the shoes for your feet. Our barefoot shoes combine the balance of health, functionality, and style. Together with leading experts in this field, we have been able to help thousands of people achieve a healthier life.

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Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot Shoes