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Qooney Flea and Tick Collar For Small, Large Dogs & Cats

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A single tick can lay an average of 3000 eggs in one day.

And can cause serious damage to the health of your furry friend. The biggest danger is not the bite, but the diseases that the insect transmits.

With the Anti Flea and Tick Collar from Qooney you no longer need to worry about these problems once and for all.

The Effective Way To Remove Ticks Naturally

Our proprietary blend of natural essential oils contained in the collar is distributed through our patented Smart Release concept over your pet’s coat and skin without becoming greasy, providing even and lasting protection.

This makes your furry friend unattractive to pests of any kind and protects you against potentially dangerous diseases that can be transmitted.

Full Protection For Any Size

With the collar of Qooney you and your beloved four-legged friend do not need to neglect your favorite activities.

Our collar is weather resistant and water repellent, so it’s also designed for pups who like to play in the mud or swim in rivers.

The collars are designed so that you can cut them at any time to have the right size for your four-legged friend.

How Does the Collar Work?

1. Put the collar around your pet’s neck.

2. Fasten it with the buckle.

3. Leave 1-2 inches margin for additional adjustments.

4. Cut off excess length of the collar.

5. The ingredients spread over your pet’s fur

6. Finished – your pet is protected.

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Additional information


Collar For Cats, Collar For Large Dogs, Collar For Small Dogs

Qooney Flea and Tick Collar For Small, Large Dogs & Cats

Qooney Flea and Tick Collar For Small, Large Dogs & Cats